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“Pirate” Radio Stations & The Age of the Internet

The age of the internet has brought forth entirely new ways to consume media. Between an influx in podcasts, music streaming services, and even radio streaming apps (ie: IHeartRadio), one wouldn’t immediately think that pirate radio stations would be popular, let alone an increasing concern for broadcasters and the Federal Communications Commission. But unlicensed radio stations are steadily increasing and… Read more →

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What Telecom Trends Should You Be Looking Out For? – Part 2

Trends and predictions within the telecommunications industry are not only of interest to me because of my line of work. They are inherently fascinating to me because changes in telecom are direct reflections of how society as a whole is changing. It’s interesting to debate whether societal changes are the catalyst to technological change or if the seemingly infinite possibilities… Read more →

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What Telecom Trends Should You Be Looking Out For? – Part 1

The realm of telecommunications is constantly evolving. As technology advances, and business and consumer needs continue to change, all aspects of the telecommunications industry grow and expand to meet those needs. There are a few very exciting changes that are expected to take place in telecom over the coming months. So, if you’re a fan of keeping up on what’s… Read more →